Master Your Courtroom Voice


Transform the way you present in the courtroom and take your trial advocacy to a new level.


When you walk into the courtroom, no one cares what you can benchpress, or how fast you can run a mile. You do not win cases by brute strength. You win them with your VOICE. 

Why then have trial attorneys neglected developing their voice then? 

Most do not understand to truly be an influencer in the courtroom, you need to master not just what you say, but HOW you say it.

  • You need to tap into the understanding of neuroscience and how people receive and process information.
  • You need to teach in a way that empowers your jurors.
  • You need to tell stories that inspire them and compel them to take action for your client.  



Expert Guidance

Learn from an experienced courtroom communicator who can guide you through the process of mastering vocal techniques.

Confidence Boost

Gain the confidence to make your case in court and stand out from the competition with improved vocal development.


This workshop will give you the tools to trouble shoot vocal issues, and put you in the driver's seat for powerful communication.

Bob Welcenbach - Trial Attorney, WI

Taking vocal coaching with Kristi has been a fantastic experience. I’ve learned how to really expand the range in my voice, focus on and emphasize words better with emotion and meaning to communicate more effectively.  Her guidance on how to develop a story and to simplify your message has been essential.

This has been truly helpful in being more persuasive in depositions, hearings, trials and also in everyday communication with clients, friends and family.

I continue to work with Kristi to continually develop each case toward trial.  Can’t recommend her enough.  You can’t afford not to do it.

In this workshop you will...


  • Gain complete control over your voice to communicate with confidence and purpose. Learn how to increase your vocal awareness and understand the inner workings of your voice.
  • Master the art of nonverbal communication and elevate your message with matching tone and body language.
  • Take your authoritative presence to the next level with practical breath exercises that help you manage your autonomic nervous system in any situation.
  • Unlock the power and range of your voice by building on the essential cornerstones of vocal development.
  • Discover the neuroscience of learning and tap into the five building blocks of pitch, pace, melody, volume, and tone. You'll learn exactly when and how to apply these techniques to create an unforgettable impact.

Ann Groninger - Trial Attorney, NC

Working with Kristi has allowed me to really focus on vocal and presentation skills. Kristi is knowledgeable and also incredibly patient and encouraging. I have learned that it's not enough to come up with a good story; if you want people to listen to the story, it has to capture their attention. Kristi helps provide you with the tools to accomplish that.

Don't leave your courtroom communication

to chance!

If you are not paying attention to your vocal development, you are neglecting the most powerful tool in your tool box. 

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