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I'm Kristi Foster, and I want to help you unlock the FULL SPECTRUM of your voice so that you can confidently communicate ON PURPOSE. 



Take your learning into your own hands with self-paced online courses. Learn the fundamentals. Develop a breathing practice. Grow in advanced vocal skills. 

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Learn in a group setting through workshops and trainings. I'll work with your company, or firm, and you'll walk away with new skills and next steps.

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Work 1:1 with me as your personal  vocal coach. Accelerate your learning with direct application towards your specific projects, and presentations.

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Sari de la Motte - Trial Consultant, Coach, and Creator of From Hostage to Hero

"I cannot recommend Kristi Foster highly enough. Her expertise on breathing, vocal technique and nonverbal communication is unparalleled. My clients have reaped immeasurable benefits from working with her, and I refer people to her every chance
I can get."

Lisa Weinstein - Trial Attorney, IL

"I simply love working with Kristi. She has completely changed the way I prep for jury trials as I’m now aware of the power of the sound of my voice. I have learned a tremendous amount about my voice and how best to use it when trying cases. Not only does Kristi help with voice, but has helped me become aware of my breath and the importance of taking a breath in the right moment. Our sessions are filled with laughter and critiques - the perfect combination.

Thank you Kristi for making me an even more powerful force in the courtroom."


I've got things to share, and I want to share them with YOU!

Developing your voice is a life-long journey. I want to give you helpful tips, tricks, exercises, and more to equip you for the adventure. 

You're safe with me. I'll never spam you or sell your contact info.